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What we offer


These are some of the most in-demand services that we offer.
Fractional CTO
Need help getting your tech house in order? We can provide technical audits, process reviews, organizational analysis to ensure your team is set up for success. Some of our clients have called this CTO-as-a-Service.
Product Management
We will review your idea/product/strategy and help you design features & experiments to validate (or invalidate) your assumptions.
Software Engineering
Our team specializes in full stack TypeScript applications. We are very comfortable with React, React Native, Node, Next JS, Nest JS. We also love building data analysis pipelines with technologies like Python, Pandas, Postgres.
Just a few things we'd love to share

Featured Projects

Machine Learning at its finest

ML Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars are 24+ days of entertainment at its mildest! Well, we hopped on the machine-learning bandwagon to see what we could come up with... and BOOM! Advent Calendars for floofs, unicorns, cats, and one dedicated to very special cat (Colette)!

This is pretty cool because none of these photos are real. Some may look very real (like Colette day 2). But I assure you, she was never on a rooftop in Cappadocia, Turkey. Also, if you try to view a day in the future, various enforcers will have something to say about it... unless you figure out how to time travel.

  • Python (Stable Diffusion, Dream booth, Textual Inversion, imaginAIry, real-ESRGAN)
  • TypeScript (NextJS, Tailwind, Zustand)
Holiday spirit in SVG form, but does not look like an advent calendar
Crowd pleaser


Capitalizing on the trend of Wordle, we had a hackathon project and put together a custom wedding-themed Wordle clone. We added a bit of extra flare whenever a word is guessed correctly.

This platform can be repurposed for your business. All you would need to provide is a glossary of terms, and we can provide the rest.

  • TypeScript (React, Tailwind, nx)
  • SQLite (sql.js & web assembly)
Swipe you off your feet

Tinder Bot & 'Date-a-Science'

We thought there may have been a security flaw in how Tinder authenticates its users via Facebook. We rolled up our sleeves for a weekend and thankfully found that our suspicions were unfounded and wouldn't have to disclose it to the Tinder team.

Through this process, though, we learned a lot about the Tinder API and decided to apply that knowledge by building an experimentation platform that allows us to run A/B tests on various dimensions of a profile (location, age, bio). We would then use this data to understand human behavior on the world's most popular dating app.

Featured on:
Daily Mail LogoYahoo! logo Medium logo Reddit logo
  • Python (mitmproxy, pandas, matplotlib, ggplot)
  • Ruby (httparty, Rails)
  • JavaScript (Angular)
  • PostgreSQL
Tinder Bot & Date-Analysis
Out of this world

Satellite Imagery Analysis

We use daily/weekly/monthly satellite images from different sources from the last 9 years to analyze features in images at scale (vegetation, city density, etc). Initial data size was about 100TiB with ~1TiB being ingested daily. Project has the potential to grow to 1PiB-5PiB over the coming 1-2 years.

  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Platform
Satellite Imagery Analysis
Comedy is a funny business

Mic Manager

Standup comedy is a tough hobby and an even tougher profession. Mic Manager is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering to help standup comedians discover and manage shows around them.

The combination of Covid temporarily destroying demand and Heroku's platform going through serious problems, we have made the hard decision to sunset Mic Manager. There is definitely some potential here and we may re-platform this some day.

  • Ruby (Rails)
  • JavaScript (React, Bootstrap)
  • PostgresQL
  • Geolocation (GIS)
  • Heroku
Funny business
Pushing the boundaries of what's doable in the browser

SciView - Collaborative Graphing Software

A stealth startup team initially needed some help with product management. The engagement grew to providing ongoing engineering and Fractional CTO services to run the day-to-day engineering organization to build an ambitious web application.

  • Product Management (Customer acquisition, usability research)
  • Agile Project Management (Jira, Slack, GitHub)
  • Talent sourcing and management (sourced and hired developers/designers in SF and remote)
  • Ruby (Rails)
  • TempoDB, PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript (Angular)
Funny business
Macro and Systematic Trading

Hedge Fund

Financial industry clients are extremely conservative on what details can be published publicly. This is an ongoing engagement that involves a robust data pipeline and automated reporting. The ultimate goal is to empower traders to make better trading decisions.

Python Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib SQLAlchemy Automated email reports MySQL (performance tuning) Financial APIs (Bloomberg, QUANDL, FRED) Flask, Django InfluxDB, Grafana JavaScript (ES2015, React)
  • Python (Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Django)
  • Time Series Data (InfluxDB, Grafana)
  • JavaScript (React)
  • Automated email reports
  • MySQL (performance tuning)
  • Financial APIs (Bloomberg, QUANDL, FRED)

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that we get asked quite a bit... so we'll save you the trouble of asking them and answer them upfront.
What is your team not good at?

Unlike a lot of consultants, we're pretty clear where our strengths lie. We are great at full-stack web apps, relational databases, API integrations, data analysis. We also love helping drive strategy, creating realistic roadmaps, and communicating tradeoffs in a way that you and your team can make well-informed decisions.

We are not so great at low-level programming. Things like custom ROMs/firmware or anything written in C/C++/Rust/Assembly would be something that several of us would love to learn, but we cannot currently offer that as a service.

How do engagements normally start?

We discuss what you're looking for in a 1 hour call. We go over high level business goals, challenges you're experiencing, timeline, and potential services.

If there is a good fit, a proposal will be put together to be reviewed by your team.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 20% deposit for the first milestone to get started.

There is an explicit checkpoint done after the first week. If you are not completely satisfied with the pace and direction of the engagement, we will refund your deposit.

It's not what *we* say that matters


Paul and team go above and beyond what's asked of them. Very tech savvy and skilled at simplifying the process in an ongoing working relationship. Definitely the best I have worked with.
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Jonathon W.
Startup founder
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